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In an era where internet marketing choices abound, search engine optimization (SEO) is still the leader of the pack when it comes to online marketing channel choices.  More valuable and more effective then other web marketing options like paid advertisements, email marketing, social media marketing, pay-per-click marketing, influencer marketing, content marketing, and viral marketing SEO should always be a first focus when trying to grow and expand brand exposure.  A strategy built for future long term success there simply is no replacement for high quality, expert search engine optimization (SEO).

While how people discover what they are looking for on the world wide web is constantly changing the search engines still have the strongest foothold in potential viewer access, making SEO critically important to business longevity.  An online marketing channel that is extremely versatile and flexible, search engine optimization (SEO) gives you a wide range of potential when it comes to company exposure which is vital to any chance at separating yourself from the competition online.  If you are struggling to determine which online marketing channels are right for your situation let’s take a look at why choosing search engine optimization (SEO) as a focus will be your best decision made yet.

3 Reasons Why Search Engine Optimization (SEO) Is Still #1 In Marketing

Search Engines Are Useful: Still the most used tool on the internet, search engines are the gateway to potential customers, clients and views.  A staple of the world wide web almost since inception search engines have been ingrained in internet culture since the beginning making them essential to any presence online.  

Search Engines Work For You: A large part of some of the biggest companies in world (Google, Yahoo, Bing – Microsoft) search engines receive an overabundance of resources and capital to make them the best they can be giving others extra incentive to become a part of the process.  By actively pleasing the search engines one can reap the benefits of big business simply through promotion in the right places lending extra credence to just how crucial search engine optimization (SEO) to online marketing.

Search Engines Influence Buying Decisions: Unchallenged as the top channel internet surfers use to make buying decisions and discover information, search engines easily out rank other marketing channels due to the sheer volume of eyes and minds being influenced by the results.  Directly correlated to views and sales, search engine rank is still the most powerful and important way one can stay ahead of the pack when it comes to what people find and support online.

You may feel as if online marketing is pulling you in many directions but by focusing on search engine optimization (SEO) you are assured to leverage the single most important channel on the internet.  One key to remember is that not all SEO services are created equal so when making marketing decisions be sure you are working with an SEO company that is not only knowledgeable in the industry but understands the nuances of sound SEO work in the rapidly changing digital world.  Search engines will always be a dynamic and powerful way to market a product or business giving SEO the top spot in any smart marketing campaign. Time, money and resources spent now on search engine optimization (SEO) will have a long lasting positive impact which is why SEO still remains number one on the list of online marketing channels.  Learn more about what search engine optimization (SEO) can do for your marketing results today!

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