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Wow it has been over 1 year since I last posted here.

I guess that’s good in that it’s been a busy year, but unfortunate that article publishing has taken a back seat.

That’s why I thought it was time to write something new.  I’m hoping that this new article will lead to more.  Maybe not as regular as I once used to be but more than now.

What We’ve Been Up To

So I thought I’d give you a rundown of the past year, since it’s been over a year since the last article.

Last December was surprisingly busy for us.  Normally around December 15 things slow down until January 15.  Not surprising considering the holidays.  However we were surprisingly busy with new business throughout the holidays and it didn’t really slow down until mid February.  But by then we had a slew of new clients so were continually busy.

In the spring a former associate reached out to me wanting to know if I was looking for sales people. Of course I’m always looking for sales people, which is what I told him, and we set up a meeting.

Well it took a few meetings and lots of back and forth but by late spring I had not 1 but 2 new sales people hitting the phones daily and helping to really grow our client base.

It was also around this time that I started exploring other SEO options.  Not changing them so much as expanding our offering.  The idea I had last year around this time was to try and figure out how to insulate our clients from Google updates.  Not just reacting to current updates but insulating from future ones.

So over the past few months we have been redefining what our SEO offerings are.

Where We Are Now

We have been slowly rolling out our new SEO packages to existing clients while ensuring all new clients go immediately into the new program and I have to say that I am more than happy.

The new style of SEO we are offering now is returning results greater than I could have expected.  Plus, as I thought, we are insulating our clients from future Google updates to a certain degree.

Of course no one can say with 100% certainty where Google is going, but I’ve been in the industry long enough (almost 14 years now) that I have a pretty good feel for what’s coming down the pipe.

So it was with this in mind that I started exploring what to do and the result is the new packages we have now.

I have been telling our clients that what the new packages do is expand their “SEO Footprint”.  Essentially the new service is spread out to offer a broader focus.  We look at more search phrases, more link sources and better optimization.  Essentially offer more service for almost the same price.

Why The Change?

To understand the future we need to look back to the past.

When the first Panda and Penguin updates came out they shook the search optimization industry.  There were sites that literally disappeared overnight while others took massive hits in traffic and rankings.

We soon learned why:  Things like “thin content,” “low authority,” and other terms became the buzzwords of the past couple of years.

I had been expecting updates like these for quite some time.  In fact I’m surprised it took so long for Google to get to this point, but I guess when you are dealing with billions of documents and millions of queries per day you have to get it right the first time or risk alienating your customers (searchers).

To put it in other terms – Google has gotten smarter.  It better understands not only the words, but the context behind the phrases and sentences.  It can now better match what appears on the page with a searchers intent.

These updates also got rid of a lot of “fluff” out there on the web.  The previously mentioned “thin content” pages – pages that may only have a few (or a few dozen) words that provide no real value to searchers.  Auto-generated pages also took a hit – pages that make no sense to humans but were written by a machine to achieve high rankings.

Google has also recently been targeting link farms – sites that place links on large networks of sites which they try to mask using various techniques.

But Google is getting smarter to all these tactics and is slowly closing the door to mass manipulation of the results.

So this is why I started exploring new SEO tactics and techniques as far back as last spring.  Knowing that Google was evolving, I knew I had to evolve our business as well.

Where We Are Going

Now that I’ve explained what I’ve been up to and why it is time to tell you a story about where we are headed.

First is a new website. While this one is only a couple years old, it definitely looks stale.

I built it when I first heard about responsive websites way back when.  I wanted to understand what they were and how they worked so I built myself a very basic one, and this is it.

My knowledge of responsive sites has changed a lot since building this first one so now I want to apply that knowledge to the new, more modern and fresher look.

Design styles have also changed since I first did this.  Cleaner, simpler design has become a foundation of most modern sites.  Google even applies this style to its recent Android update, implementing “material design” in most of its apps and programs.  You also see hints of material design in web based apps.  And I’m sure more will be appearing as time goes on.

So it is for those reasons that it’s time to (soon) redo this site.

I also want to get back into writing.  I feel  it helps keep my creativity stimulated.  I have lots of ideas that need to come out somewhere, and this seems to be the right forum for them so hopefully I can eke out a regular time in my week to get some of these ideas down on paper and shared here.

So that’s about it, thanks for letting me stop in and say hi, and look forward to hearing more from me here.

Have a great Christmas!

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