At the core of all our services is Local Link Building.

While it is your choice whether you perform link building, we do highly recommend it.  This is because all search engines rely on some form of “link popularity” to help determine your rankings.  While some would argue that the value of a link has dropped recently, no one who knows SEO should tell you that links aren’t still important.

However the link building we offer has a bit of a twist. We provide highly relevant local link building in Kelowna.  Rather than the broad terms that will take years to achieve rankings and likely won’t offer any conversion potential, we target more specific terms which are easier to build links (and ultimately achieve rankings) for.  This then helps ensure higher converting searches – making YOU money more quickly.

That means if your business is in Kelowna, then we target those links that will help your Kelowna link building perform more effectively.  Remember, for the best in local SEO including local link building in Kelowna, you need to hire the experts at Purpose Driven Promotion

Contact us to find out how Kelowna local link building can work for you!