Why Link Building?

PurposeDrivenPromotion offers a very comprehensive link building program.

While we focus on local link building because our focus overall is local, however we do also offer link building targeting non-local searchers as well.   We also provide both non-local and local search engine optimization and marketing

What is local link building? It’s ensuring your website is found in your area when someone searches for a product or service your website offers.

With local link building, results happen more quickly and rankings move up more quickly.

How Does it work?

Well link building is simple and complex at the same time.

You see, Google and the other search engines know that when someone is searching, in many cases they are researching products or services.

However when they are done their research and are ready to buy they usually want to deal with someone local to them. Therefore the search engines return results which are geographically close to the searcher.

It is with this understanding that we provide this type of local link building. Not only is it more effective at helping drive business to your website, the results are generally noticable much more quickly.

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