If you can’t convert them, what’s the point?

A lot of people think that simply having a decent search engine ranking is all it takes to make money online.

But there has been a lot of research completed showing that this is only part of the equation. In fact, some sites that have achieved top rankings still fail.


The answer usually comes down to conversions. If you don’t give your visitor an easy to follow conversion path, then they won’t convert.

Now, conversions can mean many things, from buying something to simply signing up for a news letter. But no matter what your conversion is, if there isn’t a clear path for a visitor to follow conversions simply will not happen.

This is why we have created a conversion analysis. To help determine if you have optimal conversion paths for your site visitors to follow.

We will analyze the paths taken to conversion, as well as the actual conversion action, to ensure that it is efficient and effective.

Not getting email signups? we can help. Sales not peforming? Again we can help. Whatever your conversion action is, we can analyze it from your target customers perspective to ensure that they see what they expect to see.

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