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I have been performing SEO for clients for over 10 years now and I’ve come across many different tools and tricks to help clients get to the top of the search engines.

I used to have an assortment of dozens of tools I’d use on a regular basis to help my clients succeed in search ranking. From rank checkers to link building tools to tools to help me optimize sites.

And through the years, some of them got really good and some dropped off the face of the earth.

Then, a few years ago I found a tool called SEO Spyglass. And I fell in love with it.

SEO Spyglass

It is the perfect competitive intelligence gathering and link building tool. Not only could I quickly find sites to request links from but I could also gather data on who was linking to my clients competitor’s websites.

I have been using SEO Spyglass for years and for the past while I’d been getting emails from the makers of this fine software bugging me to try their other products. I resisted for some time until I needed to find a good rank checking software as the one I was used to using stopped working.

Then I remembered that this SEO Power Suite thing had a rank checker built in. So I thought I’d give it a whirl.

Rank Tracker

I have to say, Rank Tracker has to be one of the most comprehensive ranking checkers out there. Plus it has tons of options. I for one am fond of the proxy option. I can assign a bunch of proxy servers and cycle through them so the search engines don’t clue in to the fact that I’m using an automated rank checking tool. Combine that with human emulation and you have a very versitile functional tool.

So then I decided to check out the other tools in the package.

Link Assistant

Link Assistant is a great way to manage your link building campaign. In today’s search engine world, when you have Pandas and Penguins running things in Google you have to be more careful than ever with your link building. When you combine the power of SEO Spyglass with their Link Assistant software you have an unbeatable resource for new links that Google will have no reason to suspect as spam.

Not only can you search for and find new link partners but you can even manage the contact of the site owners – ensuring that your link gets placed in a timely manner. Best of all, there’s a built in email client so that you can manage sending and recieving of link requests – no having to launch Outlook, Hotmail or Gmail to duplicate your efforts. Your linking efforts can be easily managed in one easy to use and understand interface.

Website Auditor

The last module I tried out was the Website Auditor. I have to say I am impressed. As I said, I’ve been performing Search Engine Optimization on clients for over 10 years. Everything from Mom and Pop sites to multinational and even Governmental websites.

So when I tried out this tool I thought to myself “What can I learn from this? Surely this tool can’t do what I can do?”

Starting the program is easy – add a few details, hit the button and wait for it to run. The output can seem a little overwhelming at first with all the columns but once you start to look at everything this tool gathers it becomes impressive.

For example, I analyzed my home page and it returned some errors and warnings in my HTML and CSS – nothing that is going to harm me in Google but still things to look at and fix if possible.

Plus there’s tons of technical information if you are a number junkie. Looking for the right ratio of search phrase to body text? This tool will tell you. Need to know the key phrase density of your title tag? This tool will tell you that too.


Really, I can’t think of a more comprehensive suite of SEO tools free or paid on the market today.  One can truly perform complete search engine optimization on their website using these tools.  And not just the one time optimizing of their site – even link building and competitive analysis to see what your online competitors are doing!

And one of the best parts is that this isn’t windows only software. That’s what attracted my to SEO Spyglass in the beginning – it also runs on Linux and Mac. And since it runs on the three main platforms, projects can be opened on different computers.

For example, I tend to run SEO Spyglass at night on my linux computer, but I can open the finished report on my Windows laptop and see the same data as on my linux desktop.

When it comes to SEO software I think SEO Power Suite covers it all.  Why not grab a copy?  They’ve got a free trial you can download by clicking this SEO Software link

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