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Matt Cutts, from Google’s webspam team has posted a new video talking about “negative SEO”.

We’ve been asked in the past about negative SEO – what it is, do we use it, can it negatively impact a website.

So we thought this was an ideal video to share with our users.  Please watch the video below and read our comments below it:

Basically what Matt is saying is that most sites don’t need to worry about negative SEO.  This is something that is usually done at a higher level (such as an ultra competitive industry) where one competitor employs tactics to try and devalue their competition.

But Google is smart enough to know that this could happen and therefore has built protections into their algorithms to combat negative SEO.

While we don’t partake in negative SEO tactics, the video does elude to the  point that it does happen on occasion but Google’s stance is also that you needn’t waste your time with negative SEO as they can and will combat it when they come across it.

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