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If you are here, and are a regular visitor, then you already know that we have launched a new and updated version of our site!  It’s been a few months in the making but the time is finally here!

This is the fourth or fifth version of our website.  It is also the second Responsive version, with the first version – the previous version of this site – developed just as responsive websites were “coming out”.  No one really knew what responsive was, and even fewer knew how to implement a responsive site.

So that is why we decided to redo the site in a responsive style – to not only learn how responsive works, but also see the impact in the search engines.

Turns out we were far ahead of the game (again).  It took months before Google same out to say that it preferred responsive websites over other forms of mobile sites.  It took many months before until mobile became a ranking factor, and it’s only been a few weeks since Google started identifying sites that are mobile in the search results.

Back when we did our first responsive site there were lots of additional stuff we had to code ourselves – things like “related posts and pages” social media sharing and more.

Now, this lovely theme has all that built in and more.

The new slider on the home page?  We were going to do that a couple years ago (before sliders were everywhere) but implementing a slider inside of the WordPress framework was difficult at best, and most were not responsive at the time.

Flash forward a few years and it’s all in one nicely bundled package.  Social media? check!  Social sharing? check!  Responsive slider? double check! (there are a few options for sliders within this theme).

This theme also has built in testimonials, pricing tables, portfolio and more.  Simply by implementing this theme we have been able to disable and remove 1/2 dozen other plugins doing various things.  This too helps the site load more quickly and become even more search engine friendly.

Was it worth it? We think so!

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