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One of the buzzwords of the last few weeks and months has definitely been the “Cloud”.  For those who don’t know, the cloud refers to those places on the web where you can store your data on someone else’s servers to save space on your computer.  This then allows you to share files with others quickly and easily.  Whether you want to share photos with family and friends or copy documents from one computer to another.

Almost all major search engines offer some sort of cloud service, and there are other companies offering other cloud services.


For example, Bing offers Skydrive – a cloud storage service allowing you to store and share documents, photos and videos.  What’s more, they offer you a whopping 25 gigs of space for free!

Google Docs came out quite a few years ago, when Google bought a company called Writely in 2006.  Initially it was just a document creation and collaboration suite, but recently has morphed to give you the ability to store up to 1 gig of any file for free, with the option to purchase more storage space.

Google Picasa provides an easy way to store and share photos but again your space is limited and not as great as Bing’s Skydrive.

There are other offerings as well, such as Flickr (owned by Yahoo!), Photobucket and Shutterfly, which offer online storage space for photos for free.  Then there are standalone products which also provide you with cloud storage space.

Two of my favorites are Dropbox and Wuala.  Both provide web access to their cloud storage, but also (and more importantly) a desktop component so you can simply “drag and drop” your files and folders.

For the novice, these 2 services are essentially the same, however Dropbox has had security issues in the past while Wuala does say they encrypt your data.  Dropbox also gives you 2 gigs of free space (with the option to buy or earn more) while Wuala gives you 1 gig of free secure space.

If you are like me you have many of these services and more, which can make it difficult to manage all your files.  That’s why I’m glad to see a new products called Primadesk which provides you with an easy way to manage many of your cloud services in one convenient web based app.

Using Primadesk, all you need to do is link your various cloud and email accounts and it does the rest.  That’s right; you can also manage your various web based email programs through this one easy to use interface.

Primadesk is still relatively new, and they don’t offer support for every cloud service out there but they do offer the ability to link several services and even copy between those services.  They also offer the ability to manage some of these services better than the native apps built in to them.

For example, have you ever wanted to copy or move photos between your Facebook albums?  This is very difficult, if not impossible, to do with Facebook but Primadesk makes it easier.

Want to copy photos between Picasa and Facebook or other services? Not a problem with Primadesk.

Have I been paid to write this review of Primadesk? Nope  – I’m just a fan of new services and I have to say, even though Primadesk is still a little incomplete – I think they’ve gone a long way to addressing one of my pet peeves with cloud services.  That is that most cloud services (Facebook included) live in little walled gardens which make it difficult if not impossible to copy or move between them. Primadesk solves this easily and elegantly.

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