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So Apple recently announced its latest iPhone and operating system.  And while the phone’s specs are impressive, what got me interested is how Apple seems to be slowly distancing itself from Google when it comes to integration of the apps.

For example, Apple has introduced its own mapping system.  It has also made further improvements to Siri, its voice recognition app, and it has removed the YouTube app from the default settings in the new iPhone  (In order to continue to use the YouTube app you will now need to download it from the app store.)

In reality, Apple started distancing itself from Google with the release of Siri.  Sure you can tell the voice app to search Google (or Bing or Yahoo) but it’s not the default provider for things like local search.  Instead, it gets its results from a variety of sources.

But with the latest iPhone, to me the biggest Google snub is Apple’s own mapping system with driving directions.

As an Android owner myself I know that the Google Maps app has built in navigation.  Plus when I do a search on my phone I get local Google results first, based on my location.  This is also how current iPhones work as well.

So the biggest loss for Google will be the local search and mapping capabilities of the new iPhone.  And of course, since these features are built into the new operating system (iOS6), anyone who updates their more current iPhones, iPads, and iPods to the new operating system will see the same thing.

The new operating system also has a system called “Passbook” which provides digital storage for things like credit cards, loyalty cards and more.  Again, a direct affront to thes “Google Wallet” service which it is trying to expand.

There is also tighter integration with Twitter and Facebook, with the ability to update both services right from the notification area.  And while you can still download a Google+ app, again it’s a snub for Google.

Will the new iPhone 5 kill Google?  Definitely not.  But with the new iOS we are seeing that Apple wants to return to its silo and be the provider for these services.  And I’m sure as time goes on we will find even more ways that Apple will distance itself from services like Google.

The way I see it is you will have the choice of 2 phone and tablet providers – those powered by Apple’s iOS and those powered by Google’s Android.  Everyone else such as Microsoft and Blackberry will merely be playing catchup.

The mobile device market is the next battle ground.  Will Google be able to maintain its dominance?  We will have to wait and see.

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