There is a reason our name starts with "Purpose"

That is because we believe that one needs a purpose…In life and in business.

The same holds true with a website.  After all, what is the point of having or promoting a website that doesn’t have a purpose?  Your business website should reflect your business and it’s priorities.  Not hinder them.  However in our experience many websites do just that.  They are so out dated or difficult to use that many people leave them in frustration.  This ultimately reflects on your physical location. Whether your business is a store where people come to or you come to them offering services.  If your website is frustrating to users then they sometimes think you will be frustrating as well.

That is why we offer a complete service solution for anyone considering website promotion services.  From Organic Search Engine Optimization (SEO) to Link Building.  We can also provide services to audit your website to find out where it may be losing rankings, and ultimately customers.  Not only will we provide you a detailed report of our findings, but we will also provide you with tips and suggestions on how to fix it.

  • Does your website have a mobile presence?
  • Does your business use Twitter or Facebook as a promotion tool?
  • Did you know that more and more people are turning to search engines to find businesses in their area?
  • Are you there, front and center?

If you have answered no to even one of these questions then it’s time to talk to us!

We know what it takes to get you found locally.  In YOUR area where YOUR customers are looking for you but maybe can not find you.

We have over 10 years of search engine marketing experience, offering services to both smaller businesses as well as large corporations.  Whatever your needs, if they involve a website PurposeDrivenPromotion is here to help.  We can even help you find a designer or programmer if your site needs work.  And while we are based in Kelowna, BC, our services work anywhere in the world.  In fact our biggest clients are located in California and Illinois.

To find out how we can help you attract your local customers, fill out our Contact Form and we will get back to  you shortly!


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